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A one stop shopping for any products and services that people can ever imagine about JE [KAT-TUN].


 Club's Foundation

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The Underground Club [KAT-TUN Underground]

"Club นี้ไม่มีกฎ เพราะกฎมีไว้ให้แหก (แต่ระวังอย่าไปเหยียบตาปลาที่นิ้วโป้งหัวแม่ตีนขวาใครเค้าเข้านะคะ)"
"There is no rule in this club 'coz we believe that the rule is there to be broken"

To be a one stop shopping for any products and services that people can ever imagine about JE [KAT-TUN].

1. Provide ordering services for any JE [KAT-TUN]’s goods
2. Offer special limited edition projects created by the club
3. Provide end-to-end tour organizing service
4. Provide privileges for the members

Statement of purpose:
This club has selected its members from the good customers’ database list and invited them to become its members free of charge. The club does not aim to post or publish any duplicated contents with the other boards exist in the Internet; however, aim for club’s entertainment and personal sharing of ideas, thought, information and files – by this statement, it means sharing, helping each other and so on. As a result, this club is for a personal recreation rather than personal hunting for information and news. If you please and enjoy coming after loads of information, you are welcome to browse to the other web board because you will not find any here.

In addition, this club aims to present itself as a one stop shopping for any products and services related to JE, especially KAT-TUN. Individuals can find themselves satisfy by ordering anything they ever need for a specific events of JE [KAT-TUN] here. However, to sell for making such a profit is not the club’s intention, we only sell because we are fan club and we like to bond those who share the same interest and speak the same language together and serve them with the best of anything we could ever offer. For this reason, the club intents to reserve the right to accept or deny any orders from those who we think are not qualified.

Thank you for a common understanding.

Method to become members:
- Invitation E-mail only (Selected from the Database List of Customer)
We aim to be just a small group of people who share the same interest and talk the same language. However, the club shall reserve the right to disqualify an individual from the list without advance notice.
- No charge

1. Free sharing of information
2. Pre-order/reservation of the club’s projects
3. Special discount for projects produced by KAT-TUN Underground Production [The Underground Club]
4. A chance to win a special surprise gift from the club [occasionally]
5. Pre-order concert’s and shop’s goods with special price
6. Pre-order albums/singles with special price
7. Pre-order official books with special price
8. Join the club’s project with special privileges

Thank you.

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Club's Foundation
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